Dependable Smart Contracts, Credible STOs

Get your STO Website, Exchange, Smart Contract & Tokensale platform audited by the best brains in Blockchain space

Vitalik If you are developing a multimillion-dollar smart contract application, consider reaching out to security researchers and work with them on using your project as a test case for various verification tools.

Turing safe Solution

Hacker-proof Websites

Comprehensive external penetration testing of your STO website using automated as well as manual tools to prevent all attacks, from DDoS and waterhole attacks to Phishing and Clickjacking attacks.

Double Security of Funds

Turing Safe employs the twin pronged strategy of revolving wallet addresses (To prevent external parties from stealing funds) and multisig wallets (to prevent internal fraud)

Stress-free Smart Contract Deployment

Turing Safe goes through each line of your Smart Contract to find logic errors, unnecessary lines of codes/loops, and/or bugs fro error free testing on the Ropsten/Kovan/Rinkeby networks and the real world environment.

Trusted by Investors

The Turing Safe Seal, a proof of security, is displayed on the STO website and acts as the undeniable proof of robust security protocols implemented on the STO website.


  • Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities

    So that hackers cannot play truant while you're away.

  • Eliminate Data Loss/Theft

    With hundreds of network optimisations, website failure occurs in 'other websites'.

  • Contributor Reassurance

    When your contributors see the Turing Safe seal, they are re-assured that their contributions are safe.

  • Dependable Smart Contract

    Deploy your Smart Contract with complete confidence

  • Peace of Mind

    When you're not worrying about security implications, you give more time to the delivery of the actual product.

  • Brand Enhancement

    A comprehensive security audit gives manifold returns to the brand that you're building.

Our Clients

provides a safe blockchain environment for crypto-investors to build wealth and enables their beneficiaries to inherit their wealth when the investor passes away. WillToken aims to raise $25 Million for this cause through their STO (ongoing). WillToken trusts Turing Safe to protect their STO contributions.

provides the technology which allows ad agencies, networks and advertisers to create and run ad campaigns in extended reality (XR) environments by seamlessly integrating 3D models of the brands. Trivver wants to raise $15 Million through an STO (ongoing) to build this technology. Trivver is protected by Turing Safe.

enables digitized KYC and authentication processes, increase transparency with Blockchain, provide access anytime anywhere via personal mobile device and minimize time and cost for partners while maximizing customer experience. VeriME closed its STO successfully and raised $21.72 Million. VeriMe's STO platform is secured by Turing Safe.

is the first global B2B and B2C Media Ecosystem for content rights built on Blockchain technology. It scales trade among content producers and buyers, funding of creative ideas and direct streaming to consumers. To build this platform, AllRites has planned to raise $38 Million through an STO (ongoing). The AllRites STO platform is protected by Turing Safe.

is the world's first virtual social trading platform for equities and cryptocurrencies powered by proprietary AI engine and is operating since 2014 with 100,000+ users across Asia. TrakInvest raised $50 Million in their STO that closed successfully. TrakInvest trusts Turing Safe to protect its STO platform.