High-Touch Consulting Services for your ICO

We combine our experience and innovation to offer customised ICO launch plans & comprehensive Services to help your ICO become a roaring success

Initial Coin Offering

An ICO is a fundraising mechanism for projects which have a blueprint for deploying Blockchain to enable newer business models which are more transparent and efficient in their operations. An ICO entails the sale of a company’s underlying crypto tokens in exchange for crypto or fiat currencies. The funds raised are used for developing Blockchain-based products and services.

How it Works

Strategy & Planning

Token Design, Message Planning, Business Case Conceptualisation, Tokenomics Conceptualisation & Product Conceptualisation

2 Weeks

Gearing up for Private Sale

White paper, One pager, Pitch Deck, ICO Website, Token sale platform development

6 Weeks

Private Sale Period

Raising funds from Private investors such as HNIs, Crypto Funds, Financial Institutions, etc.

10 Weeks

Community Building

Creating and engaging community, Designing and managing bounty campaigns

12 Weeks

Public Sale Period

Raising funds from retail investors

16 Weeks


Documents such as White papers, Lite papers, and Pitch Decks are vital for communicating your project to the world. We have a team of professional writers who will take care of all the high-level content needs of your ICO project.



We guide you in working out the various aspects of Tokenomics such as Token Design, Token Mechanics, Token Allocations and Usage of Proceeds.


Message Planning

We help you in creating a Central Message for your ICO which becomes a core part of communication strategy for all set of communications.


White paper

We write comprehensive and engaging White papers which explicate your product, business model, technical architecture and tokenomics clearly.


Investor Pitch Deck

We create compelling Pitch Decks which add to the effectiveness of your pitch to investors.

From designing and documenting robust technical architecture to building Blockchain-based products and services, our team of developers have proven experience in working with this fast-evolving technology.


ICO Launch Platform

The Tokenale launch platform is an end to end solution for founders to take contributions in tokensales, build book and run campaigns. (Token Launcher)


Smart Contracts

Our team develops dependable Smart Contracts using Solidity language considering all edge cases.


Multi-sig or Single-sig Wallets

The team will develop and integrate multi-sig or single-sig wallets with the crowdsale platform as per your specifications.


Security Auditing

Our team will conduct security audit of Smart Contracts, ICO website and Tokensale platform to secure your ICO against attacks. (Turing Safe)


Decentralised & Distributed Infrastructure

Our team will develop a decentralised & distributed infrastructure to cover Storage, Processing and Communications - the three elements of computing.

ICO marketing is quite different from the marketing of traditional products. Our team is equipped with the know-how of marketing ICOs to their niche communities and building a positive sentiment around them.



We help you knit a beautiful Brand Story about your project which will make your ICO stand out among others.


Public Relations

Our team helps your project gain more visibility by defining PR strategy, writing articles and getting them published on popular digital media channels.


Listing on ICO rating websites

We will ensure that your ICO is listed and featured on reputed ICO listing and rating websites to help it gain more credibility.


Influencer Marketing

The crypto-community relies heavily on Influencer reviews. We will help you get noticed and reviewed by popular crypto-influencers.


Community Building

We develop interactive communities on all popular community channels such as Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Medium, Steemit and Twitter.


Bounty Campaigning

We design effective Bounty Campaigns which increase community engagement and help reach out to more crypto-community members.


ICO Website

We develop informative, user friendly and visually appealing websites uniquely tailored for each ICO.


Exchange Listing

We will help you get listed on all the major exchanges to ensure free market trade of your tokens.