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Our module-based exchange building software service is unmatched because we provide

Simple Interface

To help users perform trades without a steep learning curve

Secure Platform

To keep hackers out and build user trust

Complete Legal Compliance

To stay in sync with the evolving regulations such as GDPR and KYC

Intuitive Android & iOS Apps

To allow users to trade-on-the-go

Multiple Wallet Support

To allow users to hold and trade in multiple currencies

Build your Exchange in 3 Steps

Creating your own exchange need not be a tedious affair. We build your customized white label exchange in just 3 clicks from you



Decide that you want to build an exchange



Pick your desired modules (Ala Carte) from our list below



Fill our contact form and we will contact you with our quote and estimated time to develop your exchange

Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

All our services come with extreme customisability built-into the module. Request your customization today


Decentralized Exchange

Perfect for barebones trading without any centralized control. Lesser regulation. Greater Freedom.


Centralized Exchange

Geared towards a feature-rich platform for specialized trading features. Robust KYC. Advanced Trading

À la carte Modules

Choose individual modules to create a truly-customized exchange

User-Authentication Module

Responsible for User Sign-Up & Login

Matching Engine Module

To match the bids to the most suitable asks and vice versa


Responsible for KYC verification of users

Wallet Integration Modules

Responsible for simple trading experience for users on the front-end

Client Token Development

Builds a custom token

Trades Datastore Module

To keep the trade-related data in MongoDB

API Gateway Module

to allow seamless communication with other modules deployed on the Exchange

Trade Engine Module

to capture the bids and asks by users and recording the successful transactions

Our Technology Stack

Our modules are built on the following technologies for robustness, speed, and customisability



Log Management



Container Service

Cluster Deployment

Container Orchestration

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