End to End Blockchain SolutionWe create end-to-end blockchain solutions.
A team of experts, that has worked with clients all around the world from businesses, governments and startups


Blockchain Solutions

Our Full-Stack Developers and Blockchain Developers provide turnkey solutions for the following offerings to help you quickly deploy your product and begin operations

iconPublicBlockchain PaaS/SaaS Development

If your product requires complete transparency and you want to deploy a public Blockchain such as Ethereum, Stellar, NEM and Hyperledger among several others, we create a complete Plug-n-Play (PnP) solution for you to deploy directly on the mainnet. Common use cases include Supply Chain Management, Banking Solutions, Blockchain Wallet and pay-per-use services.

iconPrivate Blockchain Paas/SaaS Development

If you require a federated/permissioned blockchain that allows you to control access to certain data, we create solutions based on Hyperledger (all variants), R3 Corda, & Multichain among several others. Common examples include federated supply chain management, intra- -company management, and controlled operations management.

Alacarte Services

We offer individual blockchain services as well for clients who need quick solutions and deployment

iconSmart ContractsDevelopment & Deployment

We develop Smart Contracts in all major programming languages, from Solidity and Golang to Kotlin. Smart Contracts enable you to automate tasks by implementing logic and rules to govern transactions.

iconBlockchainProduct Development

As Solutions Architect to find your Blockchain fit, our team of Blockchain Professionals will help you find the right Blockchain technology and customize it as per your requirements and your industry.

iconBlockchainProduct Developement

Seamlessly integrate your Blockchain product to mobile apps via REST APIs to allow your clients to stay connected and perform operations on-the-go via intuitive mobile apps.

Our Process

We provide a free consultation in order to understand what you are trying to solve


Identifying the problem

We provide a free consultation in order to understand what you are trying to solve



We do a feasibility study and make sure business goals are met


Architecting a Solution

Creating and designing a complete end-to-end blockchain solution



This is where the fun begins! We begin creating your product!


QC Testing/ Security Audit

Our Q&A team will do the testing and audit where the solution is tested on live conditions


Technology Integration

Integrating the blockchain solution on the main net

Blockchain use cases in various Industries

Banking & Fintech

One of the most compelling use cases of blockchain is in the banking industry for cross-border transactions.


In the healthcare industry, the storage and transfer of data is a component that needs a blockchain revolutoin

Real Estate

With blockchain, real estate can be tokenized like other assets and sold to interested buyers.

Logistics & Transport

With blockchain, the processes of this industry can be streamlined and made more transparent, thereby increasing operational efficiency.


Blockchain can help the election commission streamline the voting process, cut down on costs and improve election transparency

Trade Finance

The implementation of blockchain in trade finance could translate into quick, paper-free processes.

Our Tech Stack

Front End

  • Angular
  • React
  • vuejs

Back End

  • NodeJs
  • Golang
  • docker
  • Kubernetes

Data Base

  • MongoDB
  • postgresql
  • redis

  • Ethereum
  • btc
  • Stellar
  • hyperledger
  • corda

Our Clients

  • All Rites
  • Budbo
  • VeriMe
  • trakinvest
  • Ark
  • Will Token
  • laneaxis
  • xenchain
  • plmp
  • tellofy
  • lucidium
  • trivver
  • Bittoria
  • QCI

Our Products