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Blockchain & ICO space is changing faster than ever, and global innovators are vying for
competitive advantage by leveraging our winning Innovation Strategies,
valuable Investors network and strategic alliances.

ICO Strategy

Our custom methodology, profound professional understanding, and thoughtful insights on Blockchain technology, influence the future of every patron we work with. We assist in the development of sharp strategies to prepare for a successful ICO launch and Blockchain product development.


Our team, with extensive experience of raising funds and investing in ICOs, will help you crack this tough nut. We assist you with Investment Pitch definition, Strategic Pre-sale Allocations, Partial Underwriting, and Investors Relation Management.


Technology is at the core of Tokensales and we leave no stone unturned in building state of the art tech solutions for your business. We do end to end tech services ranging from product website to ICO launch platform, ICO Website, building DApps to creating & auditing Smart Contracts for a successful Tokensale.


Independent communities are the future. We help design, build, and implement your digital community to be trustworthy, efficient, and easy to operate. Community building is a key aspect of well constructed ICOs. With our extensive network we are able to seed communities for your project.


Marketing is fundamental. Our services and extensive cryptocurrency social network provide the visibility your project needs to thrive. We provide Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Global Outreach, Online Reputation Management and Other services to connect you true-fans who help community recognize your token as a valuable asset.

CryptoAssets Investments

“Ingenious crypto-investments for exceptional returns”
Cryptocurrency market is growing at a meteoric pace and TuringFund is to make the best out of it. TuringFund evaluates cryptocurrencies on their performance and technological merits, and designs a strategy best suited for unimaginable positive outcome.

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ICOs: A new epoch for fundraising

200,000 years ago, came homo sapiens. 5500 years ago, homo sapiens invented the wheel. 319 years ago, the steam engine was designed. Nearly 14 decades ago, the electric bulb was developed. Less than a century...

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Creating your own blockchain based currency for solving problems in pure decentralised way

We have been often asked with the one big question on how to create your own Bitcoin like blockchain for solving a niche...

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Episode 1- Wolk: Introducing Ad data exchange, Blockchain and Tokensale

On this first episode of CryptoKnights, we talk to the SVP of Revenue at Wolk Inc, who gives us an overview about...

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